Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I love watching youtube makeup tutorials and lately everyone has been talking about Mac's Match-master foundation. It seemed as though everyone loved it so I decided to give it a try. Here is what I thought:

1) Color: In their studio fix fluid foundation I am in NC40. As per their consultant I should get the matchmaster in 5.0. Like all other mac foundations I found this to be extremely yellow:( I did not blend nicely and made me look orangey.

2) Longevity: It does have good staying power. It stayed put for atleast 10 hours.

3) Finish: This definitely give a matte finish. This would be a great foundation for anyone that has extremely oily skin.

This was not the foundation for me! It was too matte for me. I prefer  more of a satin to dewey finish. I also hated the color also, it gave an orange ting to my face.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leathal Combination= Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara + Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

If you want long and voluminous lashes try this:

Step 1) Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara:   This is one of my faves! It give such volume to the lashes and I can apply a million coats and it doesn't make my lashes a crunchy and funky.

Step 2)  Then apply one coat of Tarte's "Lights Camera, Lashes" mascara on top of the Mally.
               You will get the best lashes you ever had!

*TIP: For even better lashes, curl your lashes before and after you have applied the mascara. (Just make sure the mascara is completely dry)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Leathal Combination = Nicole by OPI + Seche Vite

If you want your nail polish to last for a long time without any chipping, this is what you need:

For optimum results:
1) Paint names with nail polish.
2) Apply Nicole by OPI over your nail polish. Waite 5 minutes for it to semi-dry
3) Apply Seche Vite over that!

I have been doing this combo for over 2 months now and my manicures last at least 5 days without chipping!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


All though they both claim to set your make-up and extend the life of your make-up, only one actually works!

1) E.L.F. Setting Spray,  has a very weird, medicinal smell! When I  sprayed this on my face it smeared my makeup and make my mascara run!

2) Urban Decay All nighter spray, has virtually no smell and when I sprayed this on my face felt like a very light mist. My makeup did not run and my mascara stayed in tact. Blush has always been an issue for me. I would always joke that my face eats blush because I put it on and after 2 or 3 hours by blush would be completely gone! However, for the past month I have been spraying this on my face and around 8am and when I reach home around 6pm, my blush is still intact!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Laura Mercier Haul and Review!!!

Ok! So the past couple of weeks I have been staring in every mirror in sight and taking constant pictures of myself. Not because I'm conceited but because Laura Mercier is a GENIOUS!
I have been using the Crème Smooth Foundation ($42)and I am beyond in love with this product!! Laura did not lie when she said it gives "flawless coverage." It makes my skin look as though someone just took an eraser and just erased all my freckles and redness and left me with perfect pore-less skin.
I have also been using the Tinted Moisturizer in Warm Radiance. ($42)
I have two words for this product! "The Bomb!" I have never had a moisturizer give so much coverage while giving my skin the "j-lo glow!" When I put this puppy on I get so much complements and questions on how I got the glow!
Ladies you can not go wrong with buying Laura's products! I plan on buying a whole lot more and doing some reviews!

Bonus Tip: The foundation should not be applied with a stippling brush! For best results use your fingers or any brush that has densely compact bristles.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A couple days ago Hautelook had a sale on Eve Pearl cosmetics and since I have always wanted to try them I thought, "why not!"
I purchased the HD dual pressed powder foundation. It comes in a small compact that has two shades of foundation. When I opened the compact I was surprised to see the color! The lighter side was more of a cream color and the darker side was a salmon color. (much like her concealer) I applied it with the sponge, and with a brush and got the same result both ways! I looked like an orange tinted disco ball:( This did not cover a thing and made me look very ashy!
  Bottom line, I really didn't feel that this was worth the money, even if I purchased it for less! I found that most drug store brands made me look better. Sorry Eve Pearl:(!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nicole by OPI VS. Seche Vite....And the Winner is....?

I have been on a hunt for a good top coat that will make my polish last long and stay pretty!

I have been interchangeably using Nicole by OPI and Seche Vite for a couple of weeks now! Here are my findings:

Nicole by O.P.I. ($9) is a top coat that claims to reduce or stop your nail polish from chipping! I find that it does stop it from chipping however, you must have a professional nail drying machine or time to let your nails dry. Every time, I have applied this to my nails it would take at least 2 hours for my nails to completely dry! (Who has that kind of time) I didn't notice any chipping on my nails until 5 days after I have applied it.

Seche Vite ($10) is definitely the WINNER! It makes my nails look as though I have a glass overlay on my nails. It keeps my nails shinny and chip free for 5 days! This is worth every penny!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Best tool to blow dry hair with!

I have very tight curls and it usually takes forever to blow dry my hair straight. (At least 1hr and half)
However, I have found a great solution!

Its the Nexxus "Sleek n Style" brush. It's a ceramic brush with tourmaline and negative ions to give the hair shine. You use this brush the same way you would a flat iron. However, it has slits on both sides where you are to face the blow dryer so the heat can penetrate through the brush to your hair.
  The end result is bone straight and shiny hair. The best part was that I blew dry my hair in 45 minutes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mally Beauty September 23rd 2011 Todays Special Value Review!!

On September 23, 2011 Mally Roncal (My Favorite) will debut her TSV on QVC. Since, I am a QVC insider I was able to order it early! (YAY ME!)
Here are my thoughts:

1) FACE DEFENDER HIGHLIGHTER in Gorgios Glow is so pretty. It has a very weird but pleasant texture. Very creamy and velvety. The color is very gold but goes on very sheer.

2) FACE DEFENDER BLUSH in Pink Perfection: Has the same texture as the highlighter and goes on very sheer also! Looks very dark in the picture but not hot pink when its applied. Its a gorgeous light pink. Almost gives the effect of a pink cheek stain!

3) EYESHADOW in Violet is a pretty pewter mixed with violet color.

4) EYELINER in Black Cherry looks very similar to the eyeshadow just looks a few shades darker.  

5) The Cross Body BAG is also a pewter and violet mixed together color and is a little on the small side but a nice bonus!

6) The HIGHSHINE LIQUID LIPSTICK in Purty is the same shade as the blush but has silver specs in it that are very subtle. This too goes on very sheer. Just give the lips a hint of color. 

So sorry the photos suck. I have to invest in a better camera! I hope these help!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Infallible is truely Infallible!

I have been wearing the L'Oreal Infallible lipsticks and I am loving them!
They are truly infallible! I put this on at 10am on Saturday, went out to lunch and did a little shopping came home and cooked! When I looked in the mirror at 4pm it was still on! It wasn't faded or anything!

The only con to this product is that after several hours your lips do tend to get sticky. Just put some chap stick or gloss over it and it will go away!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Erase Paste....Dosen't erase a thing!

I was given "erase paste" by Benefit Cosmetics recently.
I didn't not like it:(
It has a smooth but oily consistency to it.
I applied it with a brush and then again with my fingers and got lack luster results. The product is extremely light and you need a lot to have enough to even conceal anything!
I don't have bad under eye darkness but have using this, it looked as though I did. Therefore, this my friends is a NO, NO!

May I suggest:
 Laura Geller's real deal concealer (QVC.COM) This is amazing! Can conceal anything! Very little goes a long way because it is highly concentrated.

Makeup for ever HD invisible concealer: ( works wonderfully. Creamy and does a good job at concealing. What I have discovered with makeup forever is that you have to apply the product and wait about 20 minutes for them to settle in for a flawless look!

Do You Twitter!?!

I have a love hate relationship with twitter!
I had a twitter account for years and it recently got taken down because I was promoting my blog too much! Really twitter, how come Kim kardashian can get paid thousands to promote stuff but I can't promote mine!
So, I have now created another one: HAUTEBEAUTY101 and would love it if you followed me!

What about you guys? Do you have twitter? Post your name here and I'll follow back!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are not all created Yellow...or Pink!

Hey Makeup companies!
We are not all created with yellow undertones or pink undertones.
I understand that yellow can be flattering to most undertones but I am more of a brownish undertone and if I put something with yellow on my neck will never match my face! And that would be just weird!!!

Here are some makeup companies that make foundations with brown or caramel undertones:

1) Nars
2) Sephora brand

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Excellent & Affordable Facial Exfoliator you may wannt to try!

I have been using the "Essence of Beauty Facial Buff" from CVS for over 3 months now and I am in love! Its only $2.

Since using this my skin has been as soft as a baby's bottom!
No more dry patches on my checks!
Pores on checks less visible!

I used to use Philosophy's "Purity Made Simple" cleanser ($20) with it but now that I am trying to save as much money I have been using the Neutrogena naturals facial cleanser/make up remover. The best thing about the Neutrogena cleanser is that it melts make up just as well as Purity, it 96% nautural, and only cost $8.99.

P.S. if you want a cheaper alternative to Philosophy's microdelivery peel try the Neutrogena pore scrub. It has tiny, gentle granules that do gentle exfoliation and it's also 96% natural.

Monday, August 15, 2011




BTW: I just purchased a Nars foundation so keep a look out, I will soon be doing a review!


I went from this $28 shampoo/conditioner



This $7 shampoo and conditioner 

Since, I dye my hair I have extremely dry and brittle hair. A friend recommended Wen to me. So I thought that I give it a try. Wen wasn't bad, infact I was using Wen for about 2 straight years. Although, it did stop my hair color from fading it didn't do much to help my dry and brittle hair. So walmart had a sale on the Tresumme products and I said what the heck!
   I am not in love! After using the shampoo for the first time I thought that it would make my hair hard (like all other sulfate shampoos) but it was extremely soft! Adding the conditioner after was putting icing on the cake.
    I have been using it for about two months now and I went from having to using hot oil treatments every week to having to do it every 2-3 weeks. My hair is the softest, and shiniest it has ever been. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

No More Ghost Face!!!! Putting Setting Powders to the test!

A fellow QVC'er asked that I do a review on HD powders. Since, I am a makeup junkie, I had all these in my arsenal and even included a review on Make-up Forever HD finishing powder.

1) Mally Beauty Pore less Perfection Finisher ( Don't call it a powder) has a very smooth and silky finish to it. If you picked up some product and rubbed it in between two fingers it would feel like silk! Pro: it does a great job at setting your makeup and making it last all day! Con: a very little must be used or you will look like you have powder on and you still get oily through out the day!

2) Mally Beauty Face Defender: This is a clear silicone that you can put on throughout the day if you have very oily skin to mattify your skin. THIS IS NOT A MAKEUP SETTER! I have tried using this several times and I personally didn't like it! Here's the thing, it does take way that nasty shine you get in the middle of the day. However, it gave me a peach fuzzy kind of look to may face. (If that makes sense) Bottom line, if you get oily throughout the day nothing works better than some good old fashionblotting paper!

3) It Cosmetics Byebye pores HD Finishing powder w/ Hydro Collagen. Also very silky feeling and light weight. This powder did blur my pores and wrinkles. However, I looked like I had powder on! My face had this whitish film over it and I didn't like that at all!

4) Tarte Amazonian Clay HD finishing powder. This is really good! Also silky and light weight. Doesn't leave the skin with the whitish film. Made my pores look non-existent. The only thing is that you have to use the right brush (If you order it from QVC it comes with the brush) and you only need a little bit! I made a mistake and used a mini kabuki brush and it didn't look bad but didn't give me the same finish as the one that came with it. This also controls oils well. I didn't start to get that oily shine until about 8 hours of wear.

5) Make-up Forever HD finishing powder. This one is also a favorite of mine! I did the two finger rub test on this one and it was almost non-existent and make my fingers smooth.  This powder mattifies your face with out making it look dry. Makes your face look as though you have no pores. Here's the thing, when you first put it on it will look whitish but if you give it 5 minutes to set in, you will look flawless.

I hope I wasn't too wordy and this review helps! Leave me a comment on what you think!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Which Crackle cracks the best!

The new rave are these crackle nail polishes. I have to say, I love this too!
Anyway, OPI, Sally Henson, and China Glaze all make crackle nail polishes. Lets see which one is better for your money. Cause ladies I have learned that not all crackles are created equal!

OPI crackle polishes come in great colors and are about $8-$9 at most drug stores. These are pretty good and all you need is one coat. I like how you do not have to be really close to me to tell that I have this one!

Sally Hansen's Crackle top coat also come in a wide variety and can be found at most drug stores. I found that this product was lack luster:(
When I applied it some nails cracked and some didn't. It was really frustrating. Then, I was told that I had to put in one really thick coat or two coats for it to come out right. That was a mistake! I usually like Sally Hansen but this one was a downer:(

China Glaze is really starting to be my go to brand for nail polishes. They are very affordable and good quality. Their crackle line is amazing! They have all types of colors and different types of crackles too! They have some that cracks very subtly and other that are more noticeable. These are a must have!

BONUS TIP!! For those that are afraid of the crackle or work in an office environment, I suggest you paint nails one solid color and then just use crackle on ring finger for a little something, something!

Review on BH Cosmetics & Coastal Scents!!!

Hey guys!

I know we have all seen ads all over the web of these two cosmetic products. BH cosmetics and Coastal Scents are known for their eye shadow palettes that have a million eye shadows on it. (ok not a million but a lot!) I have decided to try them out!

Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette ($16.95) A concealer palette with multiple shades ranging from fair to dark. Therefore, you are bound to find your match. I also love this because I don't have to go out and buy concealers when the summer goes away and my skin is no longer tanned! I find them to be very creamy in texture and do a really good job at concealing! For the price tag you can not go wrong!

BH Cosmetics 88 Color cool matte palette  ($19.95) I love not only the price but the variety of colors you get with this palette. You can do anything from smokey (grays, purples, browns) to bright and funky (yellow, blue, peach) to even natural (browns) with this palette. I find these shadows to be nicely pigmented. The only that I would suggest is that you prime your eyes first to make them last all day. I find that without a really good eye primer the color start to fade after a few hours of use. Other than that, this was a really good buy. I will be buying some other palettes from them soon!

BH Cosmetics 10 pcs Deluxe Makeup Brush Set ($27.96) Brushes are something we must not be cheap about. Having a good brush to apply your makeup can make all the difference! I once bought a foundation that came with this special Japanese sponge and I hated it. I was going to throw it away until I used another brush with it and now it has become a product that I use very often. Anyway, I say all that to say, that these brushes were just ok. The bristles were very flimsy. I would not recommend these brushes even for this price tag. They just won't do your makeup any justice.

BONUS TIP! A makeup artist once told me that a good brush has to have some weight on it and when you pull the hairs back with  your fingers there has to be some kind of resistance. (Not too much though) She also told me that even the best brushes shed so don't get discouraged if you paid a lot of money for your brush and it sheds.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The nude lip is in! People are wearing a nude lip not only with smokey eyes but with soft eyes also.
Here are some nude lip products that I know you will love!





Here You Go! More shopping Websites that I LUV!

Here are some more websites that I luv. Enjoy!

1)  Fashion Junkie: This site is good to find the latest trends at affordable prices. Shipping is kind of slow but
                               worth the wait.

2)GBYGUESS: I guess this is a lower brand of Guess because the prices are a lot lower.

3 ) Madewell Lastest trends at reasonable prices.

Putting Lip Stains to the test

I have been testing lip stains for the past couple of weeks. Here are my findings:

   Tarte lip surgences are about $24 and can be purchased at most Sephora. I love how they
                            have a variety of colors. Some are matte finished and some have luster to them. However,
                             since this is marketed as being a long lasting lip stain, this is not worth the $24. (In my
                              opinion) It has creamy consistency and moisturizes your lips up on contact, but the
                                staying power isn't great. Within an hour it was completely gone from my lips.
   Revlon's Just Bitten Lip stain + Balm These run for about $13 at most drug stores. It has
                               a matte stain on one end and a balm on the other end to had shine and moisture to your
                               lips. One thing that I did not like about this stain was that no matter which color I picked
                                it came out red. I even tried the 'fate' color (which is a pretty brownish nude color) and
                                that came out red. The staying power of this stain was ok until I put the balm on. If red
                                  is your thing then I would suggest this product. Just done put the balm on!

   Cover Girl Outlast lip stain Also about $11-$13 at most drug stores. I ran into the same
                             problem with this one as I did with the Revlon one. No matter what color I pick out it
                              was red. This product made my lips really dry after about 20 mins. The staying power
                               was ok after about an hour I still had some color on my lips.

NYC Smooth proof 16hr Lip stain $4.99 at most drug stores. I love this stuff!!!! It does
                              last for 16hrs like they claim it does. However, for $4.99 it last a lot longer than any of
                                the other lip stains that I have tried. After about 3 hours it looked the same as it did
                                  when I first put it on. This is totally worth the $4.99 price tag!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Putting eyebrow pencils to the test: Expensive VS. Cheap

For a long time I always thought that if something was expensive it must be good. Oh boy did I learn the hard way
I would spend almost thirty dollars on Smashbox's brow tech or Anastasia brow gels and pencils. However, I have found a cheap alternative that works just as well as those expensive products.
I have discovered the Milani brow pencil. It has the product on one end and a spoolie on the other end. It cost about $8 at most drug stores.
The kicker is that this product rocks. It gives a natural definition to the brow and last all day long!
Now I can use the money I'm saving from now buying those other products to buy more products! Yay me

Try this foundation!

A216501 - tarte Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage Foundation SPF15 w/Brush Tarte amazonian clay foundation. This foundation is really good! I have tried a lot of foundations and this one thus far has been in the top 5 of my list. It gives really good coverage, makes my skin color really well, and last all day long! This brush is a must have also, make the foundation look airbrushed on my skin.



  YouTube is not only a place to get a good laugh but also a great place to learn new tips and tricks. Here are some of my favorite you tubers:

1) Its Judy Time: I have learned so much from her. She does make-up and hair tutorials. Check her out! I guarantee you will be addicted after one video!

2) Dulce Candy 87: This you tuber and blogger is definitely one of my faves! She is so adorable and gives great makeup tutorials and I am obsesses with her hauls!

3) Riss Rose 2: This girl has the personality of a goddess. She is stunningly beautiful and has great comedic timing and knows how to keep a video interesting! Luv her!

Affordable Places to Shop on the Web!

Love Couture: I live to call this site a forever21 alternative. Styles of clothing and pricing are very similar to each other. You can find name brand shoes, clothing and accessories for really cheap! Latest trends for less. They sell everything from accessories to pretty prom dresses.

Which stores do you guys like?

Get the look for less!

These Christian Louboutin Peep Toe shoes are fabulous and go with any outfit. However, in this economy who has time to dish out $900 for shoes.

Therefore, these Jessica Simpson shoes have a very similar look and are only for $90.

August Must Haves!

Everyone knows (at least everyone here on the east coast) that August brings some of the hottest weather. Therefore, we need "bullet-proof" make-up (as my favorite make up artist Mally Roncal says) that can hold up in the heat!

1) Tarte Amazonian Clay Water Proof Liner- These puppies are not only water proof but they are oil proof too! This means that I can sweat all day long that these liners will not move!

2) Mally Beauty volumizing Mascara: I love this stuff! It makes my lashes look thicker, and longer with just two coats. I especially love how I can apply a million coats and my lashes don't get all hard and crunchy.

3) Infalliable lips glosses: These things are awesome! You apply the color and then the moisturizing balm over it and you dont have to do much maintance through out the day but just re-apply the moisture balm.