Saturday, August 13, 2011

Which Crackle cracks the best!

The new rave are these crackle nail polishes. I have to say, I love this too!
Anyway, OPI, Sally Henson, and China Glaze all make crackle nail polishes. Lets see which one is better for your money. Cause ladies I have learned that not all crackles are created equal!

OPI crackle polishes come in great colors and are about $8-$9 at most drug stores. These are pretty good and all you need is one coat. I like how you do not have to be really close to me to tell that I have this one!

Sally Hansen's Crackle top coat also come in a wide variety and can be found at most drug stores. I found that this product was lack luster:(
When I applied it some nails cracked and some didn't. It was really frustrating. Then, I was told that I had to put in one really thick coat or two coats for it to come out right. That was a mistake! I usually like Sally Hansen but this one was a downer:(

China Glaze is really starting to be my go to brand for nail polishes. They are very affordable and good quality. Their crackle line is amazing! They have all types of colors and different types of crackles too! They have some that cracks very subtly and other that are more noticeable. These are a must have!

BONUS TIP!! For those that are afraid of the crackle or work in an office environment, I suggest you paint nails one solid color and then just use crackle on ring finger for a little something, something!


  1. ooh your last point is spot on! I've always been hesitant to try crackle polish because of work...I think I'll do the accent nail with it though!

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  2. I love crackle nail polishes!! Good info and I so do that last tip, sometimes its not very work appropriate. When you get the chance check out my blog, I will updating soon just need inspiration and your blog just gave that much needed push. I'm kinda new to the whole blog thing! lol