Thursday, October 13, 2011


All though they both claim to set your make-up and extend the life of your make-up, only one actually works!

1) E.L.F. Setting Spray,  has a very weird, medicinal smell! When I  sprayed this on my face it smeared my makeup and make my mascara run!

2) Urban Decay All nighter spray, has virtually no smell and when I sprayed this on my face felt like a very light mist. My makeup did not run and my mascara stayed in tact. Blush has always been an issue for me. I would always joke that my face eats blush because I put it on and after 2 or 3 hours by blush would be completely gone! However, for the past month I have been spraying this on my face and around 8am and when I reach home around 6pm, my blush is still intact!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I have been wanting to get a setting spray but wasn't sure if I should shell out for the UD one. It seems to be the better option, though. I have the same issue as you with blush (and foundation too!) just disappears. Totally going to try this out and see if it helps!

    <3 Melanie @