Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mally Beauty September 23rd 2011 Todays Special Value Review!!

On September 23, 2011 Mally Roncal (My Favorite) will debut her TSV on QVC. Since, I am a QVC insider I was able to order it early! (YAY ME!)
Here are my thoughts:

1) FACE DEFENDER HIGHLIGHTER in Gorgios Glow is so pretty. It has a very weird but pleasant texture. Very creamy and velvety. The color is very gold but goes on very sheer.

2) FACE DEFENDER BLUSH in Pink Perfection: Has the same texture as the highlighter and goes on very sheer also! Looks very dark in the picture but not hot pink when its applied. Its a gorgeous light pink. Almost gives the effect of a pink cheek stain!

3) EYESHADOW in Violet is a pretty pewter mixed with violet color.

4) EYELINER in Black Cherry looks very similar to the eyeshadow just looks a few shades darker.  

5) The Cross Body BAG is also a pewter and violet mixed together color and is a little on the small side but a nice bonus!

6) The HIGHSHINE LIQUID LIPSTICK in Purty is the same shade as the blush but has silver specs in it that are very subtle. This too goes on very sheer. Just give the lips a hint of color. 

So sorry the photos suck. I have to invest in a better camera! I hope these help!

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