Sunday, August 14, 2011

No More Ghost Face!!!! Putting Setting Powders to the test!

A fellow QVC'er asked that I do a review on HD powders. Since, I am a makeup junkie, I had all these in my arsenal and even included a review on Make-up Forever HD finishing powder.

1) Mally Beauty Pore less Perfection Finisher ( Don't call it a powder) has a very smooth and silky finish to it. If you picked up some product and rubbed it in between two fingers it would feel like silk! Pro: it does a great job at setting your makeup and making it last all day! Con: a very little must be used or you will look like you have powder on and you still get oily through out the day!

2) Mally Beauty Face Defender: This is a clear silicone that you can put on throughout the day if you have very oily skin to mattify your skin. THIS IS NOT A MAKEUP SETTER! I have tried using this several times and I personally didn't like it! Here's the thing, it does take way that nasty shine you get in the middle of the day. However, it gave me a peach fuzzy kind of look to may face. (If that makes sense) Bottom line, if you get oily throughout the day nothing works better than some good old fashionblotting paper!

3) It Cosmetics Byebye pores HD Finishing powder w/ Hydro Collagen. Also very silky feeling and light weight. This powder did blur my pores and wrinkles. However, I looked like I had powder on! My face had this whitish film over it and I didn't like that at all!

4) Tarte Amazonian Clay HD finishing powder. This is really good! Also silky and light weight. Doesn't leave the skin with the whitish film. Made my pores look non-existent. The only thing is that you have to use the right brush (If you order it from QVC it comes with the brush) and you only need a little bit! I made a mistake and used a mini kabuki brush and it didn't look bad but didn't give me the same finish as the one that came with it. This also controls oils well. I didn't start to get that oily shine until about 8 hours of wear.

5) Make-up Forever HD finishing powder. This one is also a favorite of mine! I did the two finger rub test on this one and it was almost non-existent and make my fingers smooth.  This powder mattifies your face with out making it look dry. Makes your face look as though you have no pores. Here's the thing, when you first put it on it will look whitish but if you give it 5 minutes to set in, you will look flawless.

I hope I wasn't too wordy and this review helps! Leave me a comment on what you think!

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